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This assessment items relates to course learning outcomes:
1. Articulate the recent developments in e-business industry and its likely future directions.
2. Compare and explain various types of e-business infrastructure technologies, business
models, and payment and security systems in a corporate setting.
3. Formulate and critically evaluate the impact of e-business strategies on organisational
processes and outcomes.
4. Demonstrate the technical research skills to assess existing and emerging e-business
technologies to transform organisations for competitive advantages.
5. Develop the ability to work independently and contribute as a member of team employing
appropriate interpersonal, professional and technical communication skills.
6. Interpret the legal, ethical, social and cultural issues that affect the use, design, and
implementation of e-business systems.
Assessment Task:
This is an individual assessment. In other words, the e-portfolio is to be maintained by
every student individually.
The e-portfolio assignment aims to enhance your weekly learning and teaching as per the
weekly topic and maximise your engagement with the course resources (please see weekly
topics under Schedule in this course profile).
As a learning tool, e-portfolio will enable you to accumulate evidence of your learning during
the term. In this assignment, you are required to research at least three references (two
academic and one general; and published within the last 3 years) that are relevant to the
topics covered in each week from teaching Week-3 to Week-8. You will briefly describe and
relate the academic sources to the topics covered in that week. You will enrich your weekly
e-portfolio with relevant illustrations, video clips, and other multimedia applications as well.
As a total you need to have 6 e-portfolio documents, and each e-portfolio carries 5 marks.
The length of each weekly e-portfolio should be approximately 500 words.
In this assignment you will use Mahara as a learning tool for your e-portfolio. Marking
Criteria for E-Portfolio:
• Knowledge and understanding of the topic
• Quality of academic source
• Relevance of the academic source Description of the source
• Relating the source with the topic.
• Overall quality of the work

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