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There are 7 assessments to this homework question. Please read carefully and read all attachments for each assessment. All work must be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt with a reference page, title page, and in-text citations. An APA doc file is included for reference to the writing style required.

All 7 papers MUST BE DONE by June 15th 12PM CST or the signed agreement will be NULL and VOID.


Assessment 1: Global Economic Cooperation

Write 4–6 pages in which you explain how trade between the United States and another country affects each country and its citizenry.

In this assessment, you will demonstrate your ability to explain how trade affects the stability (or instability) of the global market.


Assessment 2: Transnationalism and NGOs

Write 4–6 pages in which you explore transnationalism and investigate nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and how they relate to global politics.

In this assessment, you will demonstrate your ability to explain the effects that nongovernmental organizations are having on world politics, the world economy, social issues, and the environment.


Assessment 3: World Diplomatic Negotiations

Write 4–6 pages in which you analyze world diplomatic negotiations and determine the goals and reasons behind them.

It is important to understand how negotiations occur and their underlying purpose.


Assessment 4: IGOs and World Politics

Write 4–6 pages in which you analyze the roles an IGO plays in global politics and economies.

In this assessment, you will demonstrate your ability to explain the characteristics of IGOs and the roles they play in world politics and economies.


Assessment 5: Multinational Corporations

Write 4–6 pages in which you examine a multinational corporation (MNC). Consider the development and structure of this organization, along with how this MNC affects the countries in which it is located.

In this assessment, you will explain to others the effect of MNCs on both national and international economies.


Assessment 6: Economic Development Institutions

Write 4–6 pages in which you explain an economic development institution (EDI) and its relevance in world politics.

In this assessment, you will demonstrate your ability to describe and explain to others the social, economic, and environmental impact of economic development institutions (EDIs).


Assessment 7: Human Rights And Environmental Issues

Choose one human rights organization and one environmental organization and write 4–6 pages in which you evaluate the effectiveness of each.


Human rights and environmental issues often cross boundaries and, as such, are seen as global issues. Human rights organizations have evolved to assist people in various countries, primarily on a community level. Other such organizations focus on issues related to the environment and biosphere. There are numerous organizations, some larger than others, that take an active role in helping those in need on a global scale. In this assessment, you will demonstrate your ability to explain the effect of human rights and environmental organizations on world politics and policies.

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