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What are the legal and ethical implications involved in the ethical dilemma of a paranoid schizophrenia refusing treatment resulting in leg amputation?
This is the case of Re C (Adult, refusal of treatment) [1994] that should be discussed in reference to the ethical principles.

Also harvard referencing must be used. this qassingment must include articles/journles, cases and book.

The articles that must be used are below:







As for books these must be used:
principles of biomedical ethicals by tom l. beauchammp and james f. childress 7th edition

Nursing ethics – a principle bbased approach by steven d.edwards 2nd edition.

This is the title of the assingment that i wish for you to undertake. the requiremnts state that we can either choose between the ethical principles or the ethica theories, however i would like the assingment to be based on ethical principles.However you may touch on the theoriees and link them to the case and principles.
? Your essay should include reference to appropriate ethical and/or legal theory and
where appropriate demonstrate application of theory to practice.
? You are strongly advised to complete the Assignment Planning Form (“Questions”
and “Action Plan” sections), in the Module Information section on the VLE, and to
bring it to the timetabled Structured Group Academic Supervision Tutorial. This
will help you to engage in discussion and to organise your ideas.
? You are also strongly advised to share the title and focus of your assignment with
your supervisor so that you can be sure that your selected topic is appropriate and
manageable within the word limit.
o If you wish to do this you should send your supervisor an email which clearly
indicates the title and the focus of your work no more than 150 words.
o You should send this email no later than 12 noon on Friday 13th November.
o If you choose to do this your supervisor will respond briefly to confirm that
your choice is appropriate, or if not appropriate to give you direction
regarding reading and refining your topic.
o Supervisors can respond once and cannot maintain email correspondence
regarding your topic selection.
Essay Guidelines

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