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Here are some programming questions about Python 3.6

1. Question
def __init__(self, value, children):
     self.value = value
     self.children = children

a. Write a function to calculate the sum of every node in a tree iteratively

b. Write a function to calculate the sum of every node in a tree recursively

Example:     sumNodes(Tree(Node(19,[Node(89,[])]) = 108

2. Here is an example: 

f = lambda x: x**2

Then f(3) = 9, and f(9) = 81

Write a function assemble that  takes an outer function and an inner function, then return  a function which applies the outer function to the inner function to an argument

Example:    assemble(cube, lambda x: x + 3)(1) = 64

3. Provided a binary tree, and then w rite a function which prints each level of the tree on a new line.


tree = Node(1,[ Node(2,[]),Node(3,[ Node(4,[Node(5,[])])])])


> 1


> 4

> 5


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