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This written assignment is based on the work conducted in the “Correlation and Regression” discussion forum. Based on this initial work, feedback received, and additional research, students should submit a basic research proposal that calls for the use of a simple linear, multiple, or logistic correlation/regression.

The paper should be APA formatted as a research proposal, and contain approximately 990-1320 words of content. Include a title page, and a reference page that includes any resources utilized.

Please include the following in the research proposal:

1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

Present the research question of interest.
Explain how the chosen statistical test applies to this research question.
Provide the statistical notation and written explanations for the null and alternative hypotheses.

2. Methods (1 paragraph)

List how many participants will be selected.
Identify who will be the participants and their major demographic characteristics (e.g., sex, age, etc.).
Explain how participants will be selected for the study.

3. Procedures (1-2 paragraphs)

Identify the variables in the study.
Describe each variable’s scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) and characteristics (i.e., discrete vs. continuous, qualitative vs. categorical, etc.).
Provide an operational definition for each variable, explaining how the variables will be measured.

4. Results (2-3 paragraphs)

Describe the statistical test that will be conducted. Be sure to include why the test was chosen and why it is appropriate for this study. Include in the discussion the necessary assumptions that should be met for the chosen test and how these will be addressed.
Identify the information that will be obtained from the results of this test and what will be needed to draw conclusions regarding the hypotheses. Be sure to include a discussion of applicable critical and calculated values, p levels, confidence intervals, effect sizes, post-hoc tests, and/or tables.

Discussion (1 paragraph)

Identify any expected biases, assumptions, or faults with the proposed study and the use of the identified statistical test.
Explain what conclusions can and cannot be made for this study, and using this statistical test.
Describe the practical significance or importance of the results.


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