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Well Child Developmental Assessment Paper Guidelines

Students will conduct a developmental assessment met in a home setting to identify factors influencing a child’s development.


Each student will conduct a pediatric developmental assessment in order to facilitate his/her learning of the multiple, predictable aspects of a child’s growth and development.The student will also assess the child’s home environment to identify some of the factors influencing the child’s development.Following the visit, a written paper will be due which will include physiologic and psychosocial assessment data, goals for the child and family, interventions, and recommendations.


Identify a well child (1 month – 10 years of age) either in a home or school environment.The child should notbe a member of the student’s immediate family.

For home visits, you will be conducting a developmental and a home assessment for a child birth to 10 years of age.For school students, you may conduct a systematic assessment of their developmental status and identify environmental factors located in the school which are aimed at stimulating their development.

Some suggested parameters to include:

a)birth date, age, and gender

b)growth parameters – use growth charts based on the

  • For children < 2 years, use the Birth to 36 months 3rd-97th percentileforms and plot the following on the chart:
    • length for age
    • weight for age
    • head circumference for age
    • weight for length
  • For children > 2 years, use the 2-20 years 3 rd-97 thpercentileforms and plot the following on the chart:
  • stature for age
  • weight for age
  • BMI for age

c)nutritional status

d)development – remember the different aspects of development


  • Who lives in the home and what are their roles with the child?
  • What influences do they have on the child’s development?
  • Is the child cared for outside of the home and what impact does that have on the child and his/her family?

f)home environment or school assessment–

  • include safety issues that may not be covered by this tool, i.e.: guns in home, helmets w/ bikes, harmful chemicals within reach, etc.


  • Interpret the child’s growth percentiles.
  • Describe and interpret child developmental findings. Select at least two developmental theorists and compare the child’s development.
  • Assess the child’s environment in the areas of cognitive and social emotional support, safety, nutrition, and list factors that facilitate or inhibit the child’s growth and development. Or, if school based, describe environmental factors you have identified that are stimulating the child’s development
  • Discuss problems to be addressed, nursing diagnoses, and needs. If there are no problems, discuss anticipatory guidance needs.

3) GOALS– for child and family

4) INTERVENTIONS OR RECOMMENDATIONS– to maintain and promote growth, development and health of the child.Include documented rationale.

5) REFERENCE LIST– Use APA format.


ASSESSMENT: Collection of Subjective and Objective Data

1.Growth Chart5pts

2.Nutritional Status (24-hour food diary)5pts

3.Family Assessment5pts

5.Pediatric Home Environment 5pts

Total points20pts


1. Child’s Growth and Development ( must reference

two developmental theorist)15pts

2.Child’s Home Environment10pts

3.Factors that facilitate/inhibit G&D10pts

4.Discussion of identified problems 15pts

Total Points 50pts


1.2 for Child4pts

2.2 for Family 4pts

Total Points 8pts


1.Maintenance of current Health Practices10pts

2.Promotion of health, growth & development 10pts

Total Points 20pts



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