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This is an assignment that focuses on the development of a marketing report for senior learning. The paper also contains guidelines on writing the paper.

The development of a marketing report for senior learning

Place yourself in the role of a senior member of staff of an information agency (e.g. library, archive, museum, etc.) or an information service (real or imaginary).
Your manager knows virtually nothing about marketing, and has told you that he or she wants to learn about marketing in the form of a report from you as to how appropriate it would be for your organisation to undertake marketing, and how to get started.
You will present a report outlining:
Firstly, what marketing is and what its importance and value for an information organisation are;
Secondly, how marketing can be applied to information organisations;
Also, how to study the market and marketing environment;
Fourthly, how to develop a service marketing strategy;
Lastly, how your organisation should begin to get involved in marketing using social media.

Present your findings in the form of a report to the director of that information agency or information service.
Use a theoretical basis for your discussion and reference your sources within the report.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
·         be able to explain the role and value of marketing in the provision of information resources and services.
be able to discuss contemporary issues such as the environment, social media and other technologies and how they may affect marketing in order to formulate a service strategy

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This assignment requires you to understand report writing style and requirements. An important aspect of report writing is to convince the person or committee, the hypothetical audience for your writing, to persuade by your argument and to adopt your recommendations. An and a set of clear and actionable recommendations are essential in all reports; this report is no exception. You will need to bear this in mind when completing this assignment, as presentation is part of the assessment.

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