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Throughout this course, you will be developing what is known as
a strategic management action plan (MAP). When all the strategic
planning is done and the written strategic plan document exists,
then it is time for management action planning based upon our
strategies. This is where so many health care organizations of all
types fall short. The same level of effort that went into creating
the strategic plan needs to continue as we take action, measure
progress, and reassess over time. Management action planning is a
step-by-step approach developed to help health care leaders plan
the action steps that will lead to positive change for our
organizations. The strategic plan sets the direction for us, and
our MAPs get the work done, turning strategy into reality.
Developing a MAP is a six-step process, and you will actually be
practicing this MAP process as you create your course project. Some
suggested MAP topics are provided here, and you are certainly free
to propose your own topic if you like, perhaps something which
truly needs to be addressed in your own organization. You may even
find the MAP to be a valuable tool as you lead your own
organization. By the time you reach Unit II, you should have
determined your topic. In Units II through VII, you will learn
about each step of the six-step process. It is suggest that you
work on each part of your MAP during the week it is discussed to
ensure that you complete your project on time. The completed
project is due at the end of Unit VIII and should be in one of the
following formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, or .txt. The project
should consist of a minimum of five double-spaced pages and should
be in APA format. Remember to cite any outside sources used to
avoid plagiarism. Suggested HEALTH CARE topics include the
following:  Nursing Recruitment and Retention in Health Care 
Continuing Education Challenges  Patient Care Technology  Staff
Safety on Duty  Patient Safety in Hospitals  Stakeholder
Relationships  Community Education Programs  Disaster
Preparedness HCA 4320, Development and Strategic Planning in Health
Care 3  Medical Director Involvement  Quality Improvement Program
for Health Care  Patient Satisfaction  Rural Health Issues 
Funding for Hospital Programs  Neonatal/Pediatric Services

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