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Select two (2) patients/clients with common health problems/diseases or undergoing common
procedures in your specialty(SURGICAL NURSING). Prepare a specialty nursing assessment and care case study for each of
these patients, using the tables provided (appendix C). This is not an essay, you must be succinct when
completing the tables and support the information presented with evidence-based literature.
The focus of this assignment is on the specific assessment and care undertaken by a specialty
nurse in your setting. This will include seemingly basic elements of nursing care, but the purpose of
this assignment is for you to focus on the specific elements pertinent to your specialty. Ask yourself:
what is the focus of my nursing assessment and care as a specialist nurse for patients with these
specific specialty problems/procedures?
You may choose to focus your assessment of the patient at any point of their journey whilst in your care.
Approximately 2500 words (1000 words each case study +
introduction & conclusion) +/-10%

What to include in your assignment:
• Briefly introduce your overall assignment and what you will cover (one paragraph)
• Introduce the first case study patient (and family where appropriate) by stating their name/s
(pseudonym) and health problem/procedure and reason for needing nursing care in your
specialty setting (one paragraph)
• Nursing Assessment: Complete the table (appendix C) regarding specialty nursing assessment
required for this patient in your specialty setting, including:
specialty assessment for the patient in the specialty (select from§ physical,
psychosocial, sociocultural or ethico-legal assessment areas)
normal / expected assessment findings§
reason for any differences in findings for this patient§
nursing strategy required to address this assessment finding§
all citing evidence-based literature§
• Nursing Care: Complete the table (appendix C) regarding specialty nursing care required for this
patient in your specialty setting by:
o Identifying approximately two (2) issues requiring specific specialty nursing care for
your patient.
o Making a nursing diagnosis (or specific statement) about each specific issue requiring
o Describing three (3) key specialty nursing actions to implement, for each of these
o Evaluating and/or analysing the rationale (supported with evidence-based literature) for
each action.
• Discuss the significance of the specialty nurse role in relation to assessment and care for this
patient in your specialty (one paragraph)
• Evidence-based literature sources must be cited for each element of these tables
• Then repeat the above for an additional patient
• Make an overall conclusion to your assignment and what you have covered (one paragraph).

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